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About Us

After factory business demand is increasing day by day, in order to meet the demand, in 2014, Shenzhen Yipincheng Technology Co., Ltd. was established. After nearly a decade of development, the company’s business scope is extended to the R & D, production, sales and service. The company’s main products are industrial endoscope, digital microscope, personal care device like earwax remover, blackhead remover and tooth cleaner, etc. , all items with camera for visual.Yi Pin Cheng Group has a good overseas sales and after-sales service team and provide many products to different customers from different countries and regions.The factory covers an area of 6000 square meters, excellent employee team more than 400 people. The factory have six automatic production lines and packaging, assembly, testing, aging and so on, strictly carry out ISO9001 International Quality Certification System,The products passed CQC, FCC, FDA, CE, ROHS, IP67,TELEC,PSE,KC etc,and obtain many patents.


The quality of life starts from small - SUNUO smart visual personal care appliances

The quality of life starts from small - SUNUO smart visual personal care appliances

In recent years, artificial intelligence has become very popular, and our lives are becoming more and more intelligent. Nowadays, artificial intelligence has gradually developed into personal care and small household appliances, which not only makes great changes in product design and functions in this industry.

It starts again, with a full range of products

It starts again, with a full range of products

In a twinkling of an eye, the long years of the year have been lost silently, just like the sand in our hands. Today is Christmas Festive in the West. Hereby, our smart visual personal care factory_Ypincheng Group wish all overseas customers and friends a Merry Christmas, good health and good luck!

 How to clean your face?

How to clean your face?

Clean your face in the morning. After getting up in the morning, there is usually a lot of oil and metabolites on the skin, so you should carefully wash your face. Clean water is the best cleanser. Washing your face with clean water in the morning can not only refresh your spirit, but also make your skin feel particularly fresh, which is conducive to skin respiration, absorption of nutrients and excretion of waste. If it is carefully cleaned with moisturizing and whitening, moisturizing and mild facial cleanser, the effect will be better.