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How would you like to own a digital smart ear cleaner with a camera?


How would you like to own a Digital Smart Ear Cleaner With Camera?

If you use earplugs or hearing AIDS a lot, you can get too much wax. By the time earwax starts affecting your hearing, it may have already reached the point of "deafness," which is especially common among the elderly and those with hearing impairments. Proper ear hygiene contributes to our health.

But if you use the wrong tool or pick your own ear, not only can you push the wax deeper into your ear, but you're more likely to get an inflamed, itchy ear. Even if you dig too deep, you risk puncturing the eardrum.
Of course, in the age of intelligence, this kind of problem has to be solved by technology.

Suno ® FIND A pro is a stylish mid-range digital smart ear cleaner with a camera that features a WIFI 2.4GHZ frequency, a 5MP HD resolution camera, a 4.0mm lens diameter, six LED lights, and a 6-axis directional gyroscope. Find A pro Digital Smart Ear Cleaner With Camera has a very stylish base look with blackhead removal feature. Not only can it be used to clean earwax, it can also be used to remove blackheads. Soft silicone ear scoop design, farewell to the traditional cotton cleaning way, is the safest ear cleaner.
Powerful HD built-in camera

It can see real-time images of tiny details inside the ear canal in real time. While improving clarity, an ear endoscope also removes waxy residue from the ear canal. At the same time, it improves the accuracy of removing every stain, so that the ear is not stained with wax. It has protective plugs adjustable to fit various sizes of ear canals. 360-degree Angle recognition allows you to precisely clean the ear canal in all directions. The 6-axis smart gyroscope is composed of 2mm precision measurement, which can see the tiny movements of the cleaning stick. It prevents the stick from getting deeper into the ear and protects the ear canal from damaging the eardrum. The otoscope scoop cleaner provides a temperature similar to that of the human body. This feature can prevent damage to the ear canal or serious burns.

Super long endurance

It can be fully charged in 1.5 hours and lasts for up to two months at a time. Simply place the main part of the stick on the magnetic base while charging.

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