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Colorful presentation, starting again in 2023


Time flies, like the ticking of a clock, you can hear it, but you can't stop it, another year has passed before you know it. In order to thank all colleagues for their hard work and the cooperation of superior suppliers, Yipincheng Group held a grand annual meeting with the theme of "making great strides and developing together" on February 4th at Tian'anYungu Tianxi Seafood Hotel. The following are the highlights of the event:

1.Guest check-in

2.Full guests in Hotel

3.The host starts the party

4.Program show - a hundred flowers in full bloom

5.Speech by CEO-Mr.Lee

6.Speech by excellent department heads

7.Outstanding employees receive awards

8.New Products Show

9.Lucky money—Third Prize

10.Dance Show - Legend of Hungry Wolf

11.Lucky money—Second Prize

12.Song and dance performance - beautiful and delicious

13.Lucky money - First Prize

14.Magic Show

15.Mr. Lee draws the special prize

16.Suppliers draws the lucky money

17.We're strong team

18, Let's cheers!

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