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Sunuo Intelligent Visual Ultrasonic Scaler T11Pro Evaluation


Generally speaking, the cleaning effect of electric toothbrushes is much better than that of ordinary toothbrushes. Today we will talk about this very hot-selling Sunuo®® Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner with Oral Irrigator System T11Pro. Let us take a look at his How about the basic performance, is it worth buying?

This is a tooth cleaner product, which focuses on ultrasonic cleaning and visual technology, allowing users to watch their teeth clean with their own eyes. The contents of the box are very simple, a SUNO Smart Visible Ultrasonic Scaler like an electric toothbrush, a charging cable, two facial swabs, and a pack of alcohol pads.

Look at the appearance first. The shape of Sunuo® Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner with Oral Irrigator System is cylindrical, just like an electric toothbrush, but the head is not a brush head, but an ultrasonic vibration device. There is a power switch and various indicator lights on the front of the handle. In order to facilitate users to understand, there is also an explanatory sticker, which is very considerate. This sticker can be torn off.

You can see some parameters through the bottom of the dental scaler. Its model is T11Pro, and this round part is actually a cover. After opening, you can see the charging slot inside. You can use the charging cable of Type-C interface. Charged. The actual measurement of the battery life of the SUNO Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner with Oral Irrigator System is still very good, and it can be used for a long time on a single charge.

The biggest core of Sunuo® Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner with Oral Irrigator System is in this head area. The thin and curved head is a working head, which cleans the teeth through ultrasonic vibration. The round bottom is the camera, surrounded by LED lights. This metal head is very safe. It will not vibrate when it touches soft objects, so neither fingers nor gums will be damaged. It will only vibrate when it touches hard objects such as teeth.

Don't forget that it is a visual product. The camera has a full 5 million pixels, and the definition is very good, comparable to a mobile phone camera. The focus of the camera is on the top of the metal head, so you can clearly see how the teeth are cleaned.

The actual safety test shows that when the metal head touches a hard object, it will vibrate and make a squeaking sound, such as porcelain bowls, nails, mobile phone screens, etc. However, when the metal head is used to touch soft objects, it will not vibrate, such as skin, cloth or even paper, so there is no need to worry about safety, which is very good.

The Sunuo® Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner with Oral Irrigator System is connected to the mobile phone through a WiFi hotspot. You need to use the mobile phone to connect to the specified WiFi to bind the device.

The main interface is a camera display, which allows you to see the teeth at close range. There are two types of shooting pictures: horizontal and wide-angle. I made a careful distinction. In fact, the level is to add a black circle to the wide-angle picture so that the user's perspective can focus on the center. From a close distance, you can clearly see that there are a lot of substances in the teeth, but it needs to be cleaned well.

The use of Sunuo® Ultrasonic Tooth Cleaner with Oral Irrigator System is also very simple, just align its metal head with the part that needs to be cleaned. When it touches the teeth, the working head starts to work. T11Pro uses high-efficiency ultrasonic transducers to achieve 42kHz overfrequency resonance and 200W infrasonic frequency per minute, which can achieve powerful and efficient tooth cleaning effects.

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