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Laboratory Biological Microscopes
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Laboratory Biological Microscopes

Laboratory Biological Microscopes are specialized microscopes designed for use in laboratory settings, particularly in biology and medical research. You can rest assured to buy customized Laboratory Biological Microscopes from us. Sunuo look forward to cooperating with you, if you want to know more, you can consult us now, we will reply to you in time!

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Product Description

Laboratory Biological Microscopes

Specialized microscopes made for use in lab environments, especially in biology and medical research, are called laboratory biological microscopes. With the great magnification and resolution of these microscopes, users can examine and learn about minute biological samples like tissues, cells, and microbes. A variety of characteristics, including phase contrast, polarized light, and brightfield and darkfield imaging, are available for laboratory biological microscopes. These features improve the microscope's performance and make it possible to see various sample kinds. Additional characteristics could be focus and magnification settings that can be adjusted, as well as digital imaging capabilities. In numerous scientific fields, such as pathology, microbiology, and genetics, these microscopes are a vital instrument. They are frequently seen at medical facilities, educational institutions, and research labs.

You are welcomed to come to our factory to buy the latest selling, low price, and high-quality Laboratory Biological Microscopes. Sunuo look forward to cooperating with you.

Laboratory Biological Microscopes Features:

The two-in-one split design of the WiFi Digital Microscope makes it more portable and facilitates object observation. It is more user-friendly because it has a single eye with a multi-level adjustable LED light source. The knob on the microscope allows you to zoom in and out and see in high resolution for extended periods of time without becoming tired. The gadget is a flexible instrument for data collection and scientific research because it can take both photographs and movies. It is also movable and suitable for both outdoor and indoor use.Numerous industries, including textiles, printing, precision equipment, education, healthcare, jewelry inspection, and coin examination, make extensive use of wifi digital microscopes. All things considered, the Wifi Digital Microscope is an excellent instrument for studying the micro world and has many uses.

Laboratory Biological Microscopes Application

Laboratory biological microscopes are used in many different fields of science, medicine, and diagnosis. A few of the applications are as follows:

Research in a variety of domains, including genetics, developmental biology, and microbiology, is made possible by the study of cells, tissues, and microbes.

Medical diagnosis: In order to diagnose illnesses and medical disorders, laboratory biological microscopes are frequently utilized in medical facilities. For the observation and analysis of blood samples and other biological fluids, they are especially helpful in pathology and hematology.

Plant tissues, soil samples, and microorganisms found in environmental samples are all studied in environmental science.

Quality control: Laboratory biological microscopes are used to test for quality control, ensure safety, and comply with laws in industries including food, cosmetics, and pharmaceuticals.

Education: Lab biological microscopes are a vital tool for teaching students how to do laboratory research and are frequently used in educational institutions to teach students about cells, tissues, and microbes.

All things considered, laboratory biological microscopes are a vital tool for scientific investigation, medical diagnostics, and a variety of other businesses requiring accurate analysis of biological samples.

Product parameters
Pixels 2.0 megapixels
Magnification times 50-1000X
Photo resolution 1920*1080P
Imaging distance Manual focus (2~60mm)
Lens Micro-Scope Lens
Snap shot Software and hardware
Wifi connection 10m (open conditions)
Image Format JPG
Video format MP4 / AVI
USB interface type USB 2.0
Power supply USB (5V DC)
 Working time About 1.5 hours
Charging time About 1.5 hours
Light source 8 White light LED
Dynamic frames 20-30f/s
Operating system Android 4.3
iOS 8.0
Windows vista/ 7/ 8/ 10
MacOS X 10.8 or later
Charging indicator lights Steady red: the battery is being charged
Flashing red: low battery
Steady green: Charging is complete

ANESOK® 320 Laboratory Biological Zoom Microscope

Package Included  

1x Wifi microscope  
1x USB data cable
1x Measurement plastic base
1x User manual
1x packing box

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