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How to use the blackhead remover?


The usage of the blackhead remover is to clean the skin first, and then use the blackhead instrument to remove blackheads. If there are many blackheads on the face, you can use a hot towel for hot compress after cleaning the skin, or use a skin care product that can make the blackheads float out, and then use a blackhead remover to remove more blackheads. The blackhead instrument can not be used frequently. It is better to use it once every two or three weeks. The specific use time depends on the personal skin condition.

Specific use method of blackhead remover:

1. Clean the face with weak alkaline facial cleanser. If it is oily skin with thick cuticle, remember to use exfoliating products, so that blackheads can emerge faster and be cleaned more cleanly.

2. Apply the face. If possible, you can use a hot towel to apply the face. The time should not be too short or too long. It takes 5-10 minutes.

3. When using the blackhead remover, do not stay in one place for too long to avoid blood stasis and swelling.

4. Clean your face with cold water. Clean your face with cold water after removing blackheads to shrink pores and reduce blackheads.

5. Skin care: use special essence water to shrink pores, do a good job of moisturizing and skin care, and cooperate with massage techniques to promote skin absorption.

It is better to use the blackhead remover according to your skin condition. People with less blackheads can use it once every two weeks, while people with more blackheads can use it once a week. Do not use the blackhead tester frequently to avoid damaging the cuticle and damaging the health of the skin.