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What's the right way to clean your ears?


1. Warm saline irrigation: Before the operation, the doctor needs to wash hands, wear a mask, assist the patient to sit and lie with the head to the healthy side, and hold the receiver close to the ear lobe of the affected side of the patient. The doctor can gently pull back the affected ear with his left hand, and gently push the ear wash with warm saline along the back wall of the external auditory canal with his right hand to rinse out cerumen or foreign body repeatedly. Dab the ear canal with a cotton swab after washing. 2. Hydrogen peroxide washing: Usually patients need to take a lateral position, will need to clean the ear up, the doctor will use hydrogen peroxide drops full ear canal, stand for about 10 to 15 minutes, then sit up, the ear down, to promote the hydrogen peroxide in the ear out of the external auditory canal, to the hydrogen peroxide out of the external auditory canal, can be used cotton swab or cotton ball gently wipe the external ear canal, the residual hydrogen peroxide wipe clean, In the process of wiping, we must pay attention to avoid excessive force to prevent local damage. 3. Sodium bicarbonate irrigation: If cerumen embolism is hard to be cleaned out, sodium bicarbonate can be dropped into the ear for 2 to 3 days to soften cerumen embolism completely, and then cleared out by a professional doctor.